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How Many Montalbano Episodes Are There

Salvo Montalbano is the main character in detective novels written by Italian author Andrea Camilleri. The written novels have been adapted into a popular television series in Italy, which has been broadcasted on Italian television (Rai) and dubbed into several languages for international distribution. In this article, I answer two important questions our readers sent us recently. How many episodes of inspector Montalbano are there? Are there coming to New Montalbano Episodes for 2023 and 2024?

How Many Montalbano Episodes Are There

How Many Montalbano Episodes Are There? As of the end of 2022, there are a total of 37 episodes of Inspector Montalbano TV, which have been divided into 15 seasons.

Some episodes are broadcast on Rai and are available on Amazon Prime US, Canada, and UK, before the broadcast on the Spanish channels La 1 or La 2. Because in Spain, Montalbano episodes are broadcast completely dubbed into Spanish. So, for example, the 37th episode of Montalbano, called “The Catalanotti Method”, based on The Sicilian Method, was broadcast on Rai TV channel in 2021 while in Spain it was broadcast in 2022 on La 1 channel.

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In France, Inspector Montalbano episodes are also dubbed.

In other countries like the USA, Canada, UK, etc. Montalbano episodes are available with Italian audio and English subtitles. So, the episodes that Rai broadcasts are quickly marketed and made available online in various forms.

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Are Coming New Montalbano Episodes for 2023 and 2024?

In 2019 the casting of Inspector Montalbano took some hard knocks, and we all thought that this would be the end of the Montalbano series as we know it.

In July 2019 the Sicilian writer, Andrea Camilleri, who brought to life Vigata’s most astute police inspector, Il Commissario Montalbano, passed away.

Less than a month after Camilleri’s death, the director of the TV series Inspector Montalbano, Alberto Sironi, who has been in charge of directing every episode since it was first aired in 1999, passes away.

The filming of Montalbano is partially interrupted until Luca Zingaretti convinces the Rai channel’s directors to take over the direction.

Zingaretti, who had no directing experience until then, proved up to the task and successfully directed his first episode, “Dear Livia” (Salvo amato, Livia mia). 

In February 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Montalbano’s set designer, Luciano Ricceri, also died.

Nothing stops Zingaretti as a director, as well as an actor playing Inspector Montalbano, and he directs the two following episodes: The Safety Net and The Catalanotti Method (based on The Sicilian Method).

So, the questions remain: Are there New Montalbano Episodes coming soon?  When we will be broadcasted the New Montalbano Episodes? 2023 and 2024?

Many fans of the Inspector Montalbano TV series are skeptical that Rai will produce more Inspector Montalbano episodes in 2023 and 2024. However, the producer of Inspector Montalbano, Carlo Degli Esposti has recently confirmed New Montalbano Episodes coming soon after broadcasting The Catalanotti Method.

How could be possible to have more episodes if Camilleri is dead? For those of us who have read Camilleri’s novels, we know that there are still 2 more books that have not yet been made into Montalbano Episodes: The Cook of the Halcyon (Il Cuoco dell’Alcyon) and Riccardino (Riccardino).

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new montalbano episodes 2023
New Montalbano Episodes, Season 16 Coming Soon

In addition, some good news that indicates that New Montalbano Episodes are coming soon is that there were Montalbano filming sessions in September 2022 at the Montalbano beach house in Punta Secca.

Luca Zingaretti recently posted that he is working on the Montalbano project, where he may also be involved in adapting the script of the remaining books to continue with more episodes.

Inspector Montalbano Episodes In Order

Inspector Montalbano’s episodes in order do not coincide with the homonymous novels in orden. However, the content for the TV series is adapted so that viewers who have not read the books can fully enjoy the stories of Italy’s most famous detective.

Here is the sequence of Montalbano Episodes in order as broadcasted since 1999 and the original Italian name. The English name of Montalbano’s episodes may be slightly different between countries. 

English Name of Montalbano Episodes
for the USA, UK, Canada, etc.
Original Italian Montalbano’s Title
The Snack ThiefIl ladro di merendine
The Voice of the ViolinLa voce del violino
The Shape of WaterLa forma dell’acqua
The Mystery of the Terracotta DogIl cane di terracotta
The Artist’s TouchTocco d’artista
A Trip to TindariLa gita a Tindari
The Sense of TouchIl senso del tatto
Montalbano’s CroquettesGli arancini di Montalbano
The Scent of the NightL’odore della notte
The Goldfinch and the CatIl gatto e il cardellino
Turning PointIl giro di boa
Equal TimePar condicio
The Spider’s PatienceLa pazienza del ragno
Find the LadyIl gioco delle tre carte
Paper MoonLa luna di carta
Track of SandLa pista di sabbia
The Wings of the SphinxLe ali della sfinge
August HeatLa vampa d’agosto
The Potter’s FieldIl campo del vasaio
The Dance of the SeagullLa danza del gabbiano
The Treasure HuntLa caccia al tesoro
The Age of DoubtL’età del dubbio
Angelica’s SmileIl sorriso di Angelica
Mirror GameIl gioco degli specchi
A Voice in the NightUna voce di notte
A Ray of LightUna lama di luce
A Delicate MatterUna faccenda delicata
The Mud PyramidLa piramide di fango
A Nest of VipersUn covo di vipere
According to ProtocolCome voleva la prassi
Merry-Go-Round / The Overnight Kidnapper / CarouselLa giostra degli scambi
Amore (Love)Amore
The Other End of the LineL’altro capo del filo
A Diary from 1943Un diario del ’43
Dear LiviaSalvo amato, Livia mia
The Safety NetLa rete di protezione
The Catalanotti Method (The Sicilian Method)Il metodo Catalanotti

Overall, we are looking forward to watching New Montalbano Episodes for 2023 and 2024 based on the books The Cook of the Halcyon (Il Cuoco dell’Alcyon) and Riccardino (Riccardino).

The Cook of the Halcyon (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery Book 27)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Camilleri, Andrea (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Riccardino (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery Book 28)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Camilleri, Andrea (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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