Inspector Montalbano 2024: Disappointments or New Episodes?

inspector montalbano 2024

Ignite the suspense, dear Montalbano fans! In 2024, the fate of the two unreleased episodes, 38 and 39, “The Cook of the Halcyon” and “Riccardino”, hangs in the balance of uncertainty. Find out the latest news on the fate of the series, including attempts to sell it to platforms such as Netflix and MHz Choice,

Inspector Montalbano Book Order: How to Read Them All

inspector montalbano book order

Are you confused about the order of the 34 Inspector Montalbano books? Yes, I know. The order of Montalbano’s episodes is different from that of the books. Moreover, the lists of books on the internet are wrong. There are 34 books published with Inspector Montalbano’s stories. But don’t worry! This guide, “Inspector Montalbano Books in

Exciting Updates on the Highly Anticipated New Montalbano Episodes!

new montalbano episodes The Cook of the Alcyon riccardino

Confirmed! New Montalbano Episodes are Coming Soon. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the most famous Italian, Detective Montalbano, as the highly anticipated new episodes of this beloved Sicilian mystery series hit the screen. Fans of the iconic detective are in for a treat as the latest season promises to unravel

What Happens in The Last Episode of Inspector Montalbano Season 15?

What Happens in The Last Episode of Inspector Montalbano Season 15

Step into the captivating world of Detective Montalbano as he returns for an exciting fifteenth season of crime-solving in the picturesque Sicilian town of Vigata. With its rich characters, intelligent storytelling, and stunning cinematography, Inspector Montalbano Season 15 is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and lovers of Italian culture alike. What Happens in

How Many Montalbano Episodes Are There

how many montalbano episodes are there

Salvo Montalbano is the main character in detective novels written by Italian author Andrea Camilleri. The written novels have been adapted into a popular television series in Italy, which has been broadcasted on Italian television (Rai) and dubbed into several languages for international distribution. In this article, I answer two important questions our readers sent

The Catalanotti Method: Montalbano Episode 37

the catalanotti method montalbano episode 37

The Catalanotti Method is the 37th episode of the series Inspector Montalbano (UK) and Detective Montalbano (USA). This episode is based on book number 26 of the 28 books written by Andrea Camillieri. So far, this is the last episode of the Inspector Montalbano series, but new episodes will likely be released soon in 2023.