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Where to Watch Inspector Montalbano

The TV series Inspector Montalbano premiered on RAI (the Italian TV channel) in 1999. With 37 episodes and 15 seasons, it has become a cult series among fans of Andrea Camilleri novels and has won the favor of the general public, from several generations and different countries. Continue reading this article to find out where to watch Inspector Montalbano totally free. I include a video showing all the steps!

Inspector Montalbano Streaming Free

If you came to this article because you want to know where to watch Inspector Montalbano online, here I explain step-by-step to watch Montalbano free.

To watch Inspector Montalbano online, you will need to use a VPN. Don’t worry, in this article, I will explain what a VPN is and how to use a VPN.

What is a VPN?

The acronym VPN basically stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a method used to connect to the Internet privately. To achieve this, the system hides our real IP address and can give us the location of another country (you will need to watch Inspector Montalbano Online).

I recommend using Surfshark VPN, which has no limit on the number of devices at the same time (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.). In addition, a VPN will be useful for many other things, such as keeping your connection secure at all times.

It is recommended that you use Surfshark VPN, which has a very fast service (especially for watching series) and is very affordable. Click on the button to access Surfshark VPN.

Where to Watch Inspector Montalbano

As explained in the previous paragraphs, to watch Inspector Montalbano online, you will need a VPN. See the images below indicating the steps to follow to watch Inspector Montalbano.

At the top of this article, you will find a video with all the steps. I strongly encourage you to watch my video with all the explanations guiding you to watch Inspector Montalbano straightaway.

Once you have downloaded and installed Surfshark VPN open the program and go to the top where the search bar is. Search for the United Kingdom and select any location.

surfsharkvpn uk montalbano

For example, select London and you will notice that after a few seconds, the VPN will connect to the selected location. If for some reason London does not work at that moment, select any other location in the UK that appears in the list.

surfshark vpn uk montalbano
In the image you can see the correct connection to UK.

So, once connected to the UK with the VPN, you may be wondering where to watch Inspector Montalbano. Simply open any web browser (EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type BBC iPlayer in the search engine

Finally, once you enter the BBC site, register (simple steps) and start enjoying Inspector Montalbano. The episodes of Inspector Montalbano are available with Italian audio and English subtitles.

Final Conclusions

Now you know where to watch Inspector Montalbano. As you have seen it is very simple and with Surfshark VPN you can also watch the episodes on your smartphone or tablet. With the VPN, I recommend, you can have multiple devices at the same time.

I hope this article will be helpful, and you will be able to watch all the episodes of Inspector Montalbano. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to know where is Inspector Montalbano filmed in Sicily, we recommend following the link to our article.

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