How to Pronounce Arancini: Say Arancini di Ragù (VIDEO)

how to say arancini like italians video

Are you sure how to pronounce “arancini” or order Arancini di Ragù in Italian? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! In this beginner’s guide, we will teach you the correct pronunciation of this mouthwatering Italian dish. So let’s dive in and learn how to say arancini like an Italian! Also, watch our video at the

What is an Arancini? A Delicious Sicilian Street Food Snack

what is an arancini

If you visit Sicily, you will surely see a lot of street food and inexpensive meals typical of Sicilian cuisine. If you plan to visit Sicily, prepare for Italy’s tastiest and cheapest food. Some of these “Street food” type meals called in Italian antipasti rustici siciliano are called sfincione, ravazzate, cartocciate, scacce, rollò con wurstel

How Long Does Marsala Wine Last? Tips for Store and Enjoy

how long does marsala wine last

Are you a wine enthusiast curious about Marsala wine’s shelf life? Look no further as we unravel the secrets behind this beloved Italian wine and how long it can last. Marsala wine has captivated wine lovers for centuries with its rich history and distinctive flavors. Whether you use it for cooking or savor it as

Montalbano Basil Pesto Recipe

montalbano basil pesto recipe

Unlike many dishes we see in the Inspector Montalbano TV series (such as the Arancini), pasta with pesto is not a dish that originated in Sicilian cuisine. However, it is a popular dish in Sicily, with some variations of pesto recipes found in northern Italy and other regions. Sicilian pesto sauce is called Pesto alla

Montalbano Pasta Ncasciata Recipe

Montalbano Pasta Ncasciata Recipe

Pasta alla Norma, also known as Pasta Ncasciata, is a traditional Sicilian dish that is said to have originated in Catania and Messina, located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy. Here we introduce the irresistible Salvo Montalbano Pasta Ncasciata recipe, a culinary masterpiece embodying Sicilian cuisine’s essence. This delectable dish combines

Inspector Montalbano Recipes

Inspector Montalbano recipes

The Sicilian Detective Inspector Salvo Montalbano is the main character in a series of detective novels written by the Italian author Andrea Camilleri. In the novel, Montalbano delights in delicious traditional Italian dishes, especially Sicilian, while thinking about the police cases he has to solve. Montalbano’s delight in Italian food, such as pasta with broccoli,

Montalbano Fish Recipes

montalbano fish recipes book

A good plate of pasta with tomato sauce seems to be an icon of Italian food. However, when watching the TV series Inspector Montalbano, you will notice that he never eats pasta with tomato sauce. Most of the pasta Montalbano eats have fish and no tomato sauce, or they are pasta with vegetables. In this

Montalbano Arancini Recipe Easy Way (Sicilian Rice Balls)

montalbano arancini recipe

Inspector Montalbano recipes. One of the most popular Sicilian dishes is the Arancino. As it could not be otherwise, this is one of the favourite dishes of Inspector Montalbano. In this article, we show you How to Make Montalbano Arancini Recipe at home, the easy way to make the Montalbano’s croquettes recipe. What is an