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Exciting Updates on the Highly Anticipated New Montalbano Episodes!

Confirmed! New Montalbano Episodes are Coming Soon. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the most famous Italian, Detective Montalbano, as the highly anticipated new episodes of this beloved Sicilian mystery series hit the screen. Fans of the iconic detective are in for a treat as the latest season promises to unravel a web of thrilling mysteries set against the breathtaking backdrop of Sicily. So, get ready to dive into the Sicilian mystery as new episodes of Inspector Montalbano unveils exciting updates that will keep you hooked from the very first scene.

Inspector Montalbano’s New Episodes Coming Soon

From the enchanting streets of Vigata to the picturesque coastal towns, new Montalbano episodes will soon come to the screen and take viewers on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists.

Two more Montalbano new episodes are coming soon. In this post, we share all the details revealed by the TV channel Rai and Inspector Montalbano’s newest director, Maria Pia Ammirati.

With each episode expertly crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat, prepare to join Inspector Montalbano as he uses his sharp wit, intuition, and unorthodox methods to solve baffling crimes. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, these new episodes will leave you craving more. So, get ready to dive into the Sicilian mystery as Inspector Montalbano unveils exciting updates that will keep you hooked from the first scene.

Angelo Russo (Catarella) confirmed that Palomar (who co-produces with Rai) will shoot two more episodes to close the circle (first, The Cook of the Alcyon, and then Riccardino).

Riccardino will be the last Montalbano new episode. Still, we don’t have a specific date yet.

The only sure thing we know is that the two episodes will be filmed, as confirmed by Palomar and Rai to all the historical cast of the series who have already signed up for the option.

Will There Be Any New Montalbano Episodes 2023?

Some of the questions frequently asked by our readers and fans of Montalbano who visit Ragusa are whether the two Inspector Montalbano new episodes will take place and when they will be broadcast. Will There Be Any New Montalbano Episodes? When?

Despite the recurring reruns of Detective Montalbano in 4K that the Italian TV channel Rai has become accustomed to lately, the appearance of Salvo is always guaranteed success. That’s why everyone is wondering if we’ll ever see the two new episodes that have been talked about for some time now. One episode is taken from Andrea Camilleri’s latest novel, ‘Riccardino‘, and the other is from the book ‘Il cuoco dell’Alcyon‘, published in 2019.

In fact, the star Luca Zingaretti had been quite categorical back in 2021 after the premiere of The Catalanotti Method and had answered with a very blunt “no,” saying that for him, it had been an outstanding professional and human adventure but that it seemed to him a finished stage of his life. It was clear that at a time when Camilleri, the director Alberto Sironi and the actors Marcello Perracchio and Roberto Nobile (who respectively played the forensic doctor Dr. Pasquano and the journalist Nicolò Zito) had died, and when the pandemic had hit Italy hard, it was not a precise scenario to continue filming Inspector Montalbano.

At that time, TV Rai had also hypothesized that it would continue without the actor, as the product is too valuable and is sold to many countries. That is when Rai started to re-broadcasting and improve 4K Montalbano episodes. However, this position soon changed when a few months passed, and Zingaretti became involved in the project again.

new montalbano episodes The Cook of the Alcyon riccardino

New Montalbano Two Last Episodes Coming Soon

Will there be any new Montalbano episodes? Yes! Soon, new episodes of Inspector Montalbano will feature on Rai (an Italian state TV provider). As mentioned in other posts, in 2022, Montalbano’s beach house was used as a filming location for one of the new episodes. Luca Zingaretti was seen many times recently in Ragusa and Punta Secca.

Although during 2022, some discussions regarding new episodes may not include Luca Zingaretti, the new director holding the project for 2023 and 2024, Maria Pia Ammirati has confirmed Zingaretti continues as Salvo.

What Are the New Episodes of Detective Montalbano?

What Are the New Episodes of Detective Montalbano? Two novels by Andrea Camilleri have not made it to the screen. We are talking about The Cook of the Alcyon ‘Il cuoco dell’Alcyon‘ and Riccardino and it is precisely from these books that Rai would like to resume the investigations of Il Commissario Montalbano.

Through the words of the director of Rai Fiction, Rai would like to re-propose new episodes of the Salvo Montalbano saga. Maria Pia Ammirati declared: “I sincerely hope this year we will succeed. And we all trust in the desire to return to Luca Zingaretti’s set”. 

Now it seems we are heading towards the official: the last two unpublished episodes of Inspector Montalbano will be made, and Luca Zingaretti, who has been playing him since 1999, will be there too. Despite the actor’s initial perplexities about the deaths that have affected the cast of the beloved and popular Rai fiction, which has registered audience records for over twenty years, gluing tens of millions of viewers to the screen, even with reruns, it seems there is an agreement. After all, without Zingaretti, who has always played for television the character born from the pen of the late Andrea Camilleri, it would not have been the same, on the contrary.

Why is the premiere of Inspector Montalbano season 16 so delayed? There are some rumours that Palomar and Rai are trying to sell the TV series Inspector Montalbano to Netflix after broadcasting the two new and last episodes of the police saga. Between these business discussions, new director and cast, and a return to normality after the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Italy so hard, the months have passed, and there is little news about the new season of Montalbano.

Upcoming Episodes of Montalbano 2023?

At the time of the release of episode 37, The Catalanotti Method, Carlo Degli Esposti, founder of Palomar and producer of fiction, took time to discuss the future of Montalbano, who confirmed the decision is made and Inspector Montalbano continues with two more episodes and will conclude with them.

We don’t know for sure if there will be new episodes of Inspector Montalbano in 2023 or 2024, but sooner or later, they will arrive.

Montalbano must end. It cannot be left to the train (the last episode of Inspector Montalbano Season 15) and a lost-in-love Montalbano and out of any frame we have seen him in twenty years.

Will it be ready for 2023? Although filming has taken place, it is known that the episode based on The Cook of the Alcyon will be broadcast first. Then, the final episode will be Riccardino. The premiere date is still uncertain while setting and post-production continue.

The new season of Inspector Montalbano promises to be a thrilling continuation of the beloved Sicilian mystery series. With a total of two new episodes, fans can expect an extended journey into the captivating world of Inspector Montalbano. Each episode is meticulously crafted to deliver a unique and compelling storyline filled with suspense, mystery, and unexpected plot twists. From seemingly unsolvable murder cases to complex conspiracies, viewers will be on a thrilling ride as Montalbano unravels the truth behind each crime.

For now, enjoy when Rai is re-broadcasting old Montalbano episodes, remastered in 4K, and wait until the last two new episodes of Inspector Montalbano. They are coming soon.

What Will Be the Grand Finale of The TV Series?

As mentioned, two unreleased films will close the circle: the first is based on the novel “The Cook of the Alcyon”, released posthumously in 2019, while the second film is based on the novel “Riccardino” Camilleri expressly stated before his death that this is the novel that concludes the story of Inspector Montalbano, a book that was published in 2020.

When are they coming? New episodes of Inspector Montalbano 2023 are expected soon, but as the premiere date still is not confirmed by Rai is speculated between 2023 and 2024. We will keep you post it!

In the meantime, watch Inspector Montalbano.

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Where to Watch Inspector Montalbano

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  1. I am SO looking forward to the next instalments of Montalbano, although I do hope he stays with his last love interest and doesn’t go back to Livia. I really didn’t like the last one. Also, I’m now very into Lolita Lobosco (Montalbano’s real-life wife) Really helping with my Italian too!

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  2. Thanks for the info. I have only seen The Catalanotti Method – despite not enjoying having to read English subtitles I really enjoyed it. I was worried by none being made since 2021 and other webpages making it seem like a cancelled series – this was the only site showing Montalbano’s still produced.
    Hopefully ‘Riccardino’ won’t be the last, as intended by the author, as you stated.
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