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Welcome to InspectorMontabanoSicily.com. You are on this site because we have something in common! Montalbano TV series, as well as Andrea Camilleri’s books, caught our attention!

Moved by the desire to know the locations in Sicily, Italy, where Inspector Montalbano’s episodes are filmed, we are currently living in Ragusa, the land of Salvo Montalbano. Where you can breathe the art and history of Sicily, and taste delicious traditional dishes.

All Montalbano filming locations are real, can be visited, and are located in the province of Ragusa, in Sicily! We are Joe (in Italian, Giuseppe) and Giulia (from Italy), and we invite you to discover Montalbano’s Sicily through our blog.

Touring Montalbano's Sicily
Join us on our journey through Montalbano’s Sicily. Know the locations in Sicily, Italy, where Inspector Montalbano’s episodes are filmed.

On this website, we show you which are the filming locations of Montalbano’s episodes and how to get there and visit them in person! We explain how to get (and sleep) in Montalbano’s house. How to get to the police station in Vigata, and all the locations that are familiar to you from the episodes.

how to visit Montalbano filming locations
Visiting Montalbano Filming Locations in Ragusa, Sicily

Also, there is a section including FAQs from our readers asking about both Camilleri’s books and the TV series episodes.

You will find a section with Montalbano’s favourite food recipes and traditional Sicilian dishes.

We know that the TV series Inspector Montalbano has different names depending on the country. Inspector Montalbano (UK), Detective Montalbano (USA), or Il Commissario Montalbano (Italy, Spain, etc.). That’s why on this site we include the information searched in other countries.

Finally, we explain how you can watch Inspector Montalbano online in different countries.

If you are travelling to Sicily, you will find very valuable information to visit the filming locations of Montalbano and the hometown of the writer of this exciting police story, Andrea Camilleri.

Where is Montalbano’s House
Visiting Montalbano Filming Locations in Ragusa, Sicily