Where Does Inspector Montalbano Live and How to Get There

Where Does Inspector Montalbano Live and How to Get to Montalbano's House

If you plan to visit Sicily, and are interested in visiting Montalbano’s filming locations, you are on the right website! In this article, we summarize Where Does Inspector Montalbano Live? And How to Get to Montalbano’s House from Comiso Airport and Ragusa city. We also recommend you navigate through InspectorMontalbanoSicily.com to find Where is Montalbano … Read more

Inspector Montalbano’s House Location

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In Camilleri’s books, Inspector Montalbano’s house is located in Marinella. The real filming location of Salvo’s house is in Punta Secca. In this article, we give you the address of Inspector Montalbano’s House and how to visit, book a stay and get to the Inspector Montalbano’s House Location. The Inspector Montalbano TV series follows the … Read more